On Identity

¬†Well, fellow readers, it’s been quite a bit of time since we last spoke. Our purpose today is to explore (as usual without an end destination in mind) how we define ourselves, particularly as it relates to our relationships with others. I’m not certain that this is always a barrier to effective relationships (which is, […]

On Happy :)

I recently watched the documentary, Happy. It purports to be an overview of¬†positive psychology that takes a whole-world approach that felt a bit overdone to me, but displays a clear picture of happiness in different settings that is independent of specific cultural assumptions. The core tenants of the documentary were that about 50% of happiness […]

To Be Heard Roaring…


One definition of courage that I’ve been exposed to comes from ancient times, and it translates roughly into living a life with one’s whole heart, from cor in latin, which means heart, and the suffix -age, which indicates a state, condition, or relationship. Thus, the word is the state of living or acting with one’s […]

On Letting Yourself Down


One trait that we assume is common among visitors to the project, and certainly among authors, is the idea of dissatisfaction with the status quo. It’s not ok to stay the same: this is really shorthand for what it means to live life in the arena. That said, the pursuit of consistency, both in effort […]

The Thrill is Gone


One thing that I struggle with the most in embracing an arena focus is defining what is “real”. Another way of describing it is determining whether experiences matter as much to others as they do to me, or matter differently, and whether my experiences actually matter to me at all. As might be imagined, this […]

Something in the Way


I have something evil inside me; really, something is not right, deep down in my core. Last we spoke, we talked a bit about numbing behavior and how opposite it is from the aspirations contained within the blog. I regret to report further deviation from the intended path, so much so that most or all […]

On Numbing Behavior and Deep Connection


Today’s post comes on the heels of a decidedly un-arena-like couple of days. How often have you wasted a day away, literally the entire day? Some time ago, I converted acute feelings of emotional pain, disappointment, etc., into a numbing process whereby the feelings dissipate over time. It’s the exact opposite, actually, of what we […]

Competition in the Workplace


At the risk of ever being discovered and read, we do intend to include real-life stories and examples as a part of the dialogue here at the project, work life included. We’re not sure if wisdom would dictate that course of action; we’re sure that it’s the only way to make this meaningful. I’ve had […]

Taking Corrective Action


So, I’ve been on a big kick lately of putting words to things, rather than sort of just feeling my way through them. One thing that I think gets me into a lot of trouble is that I’m a pretty intuitive decision maker. On its surface, this might seem like a strength in that I […]

The First Post


At long last, the first post has arrived! I know you countless readers out there are teaming with excitement… In all seriousness, we apologize for the delay; the startup process in and of itself is a post topic I’ll touch on today. That aside, let’s get down to business. After all, we’re here to learn […]